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Every Cult Denies the Deity of Jesus Christ

Every cult denies the deity of Christ. We are so far along the road of apostasy in the visible church, that many "Christians" also deny that Jesus is God. This is not a minor doctrine. Jesus accepted worship. He either is God the Son, or He is not good. Both things cannot be true.

I take the Bible very seriously. It's God's message to a world at war. There are 66 books in the Bible, written by over 40 different authors. It's a book that authenticates itself. It does it through various methods: fulfilled prophecy, patterns, and what I like to call "Easter Eggs."

There are some things in Scripture that can only be described as supernatural.

I found one of those "Easter Eggs" when I was studying Moses' prayer in Numbers 14:11-19. I was so excited, I ran upstairs to tell my husband, Dennis! Moses' prayer to God and Jude 1:5 are both evidence that Jesus Christ is God.

Moses describes how the Lord brought the people out of Egypt, and how He, the LORD is seen eye to eye while His cloud stood over the people by day, and a pillar of fire by night. Moses calls the One he is talking to LORD.

If you go to Jude and read it in the original Greek, you'll see that Jude deliberately says that "Iesous" (Jesus) led the people out of Egypt. For the life of me, I don't know why the translator of the NASB version I use, translates Jude 1:5 as Lord. So when I found that particular Easter Egg on BibleHub's interlinear Bible, I was thrilled!

When you read Moses' prayer to the One he was talking with, the One he called, "LORD" and read it in light of Jude 1:5 it is evident with Scripture interpreting Scripture that Jesus is indeed God.

So many times a student of Scripture will find that the Holy Spirit, Who inspired those 40 men to write the Bible, anticipated false teaching and built into the pages evidence against those false teachings.

If you'd like to find out more, I highly recommend Chuck Missler. As he would always say when teaching the Bible, "Be a Berean." (see Acts 17:11)

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