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Dawn Morris' Biography


The first time I understood the gospel, I was 18. Not many people think of Revelation as being particularly useful in evangelism, but it was for me!  I sat in a church in a small Texas town, mesmerized, as the pastor went verse by verse through the fourth chapter of Revelation. Growing up in a more formal, liturgical form of Christianity, I had no idea that the Bible could be so interesting-or that anyone could actually understand that particular book, which foretells the future of mankind.

Once I committed my life to Jesus Christ, I continued to study all that the Bible has to say about the end times. As an English minor and insatiable reader, I’m amazed at the scope of the Bible. Written by over forty different authors over approximately 3,000 years, the richness in its language, the scope of its wisdom, and the veracity of its truth weave through its rich storyline.

For me, the Bible’s prophecies are evidence of its truth and reliability. About one fourth of the Bible is prophetic. Many of its prophecies have already come to pass, while others wait for their fulfillment.

We live in an exciting age where some of those prophecies concerning the end of this age have already been fulfilled.


In a peculiar scene in the book of Revelation, the apostle John is given a scroll to eat. When he tastes it, it is as sweet as honey, but it turns sour when it gets to his stomach. That’s a perfect picture of prophecy. It’s sweet to know what is going to happen in the future, but the knowledge of it ought to make our stomachs sour-because of what waits for those who will not accept the salvation that Jesus offers to us.

All of the word of God is inspired and profitable for teaching. I have found that studying the book of Revelation does exactly what God promises it will do-bring a special blessing on the one who studies it and heeds it. Over the years, I’ve led studies on the book of Revelation, even developing curriculum for high school students. That was an exciting and challenging class to teach!

The One series follows fictional characters who live through times that are just on the horizon of human history. While the characters and many situations are fictional, I used the framework of end time prophecies to map out the storyline. It’s my hope that their story will provoke and encourage the reader to make the effort to study the Bible, and ultimately to follow its Author.

I have a Bachelors of Education and have taught for the past 25 years in many different venues. I’ve written many stories for my five children, and hope to one day write for my grandchildren. I live in Washington State with my husband and our youngest three children.

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