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A Crown of Rejoicing

When I was little, I wanted to be a princess. I'll admit, that I still like the idea of wearing a crown. This particular crown, the "crown of rejoicing" is given to soul winners.

How do we win souls?

I don't think "winning souls" necessarily looks the way most of us think-actually witnessing and leading someone to put their faith in Jesus. That's part of it, but NOT all of it.

Part of being a "soul winner" is praying for someone's salvation. That I do think is where a LOT of work is done. Of course the real work is done by the Lord, but He created us in Christ for good works, which He says we "walk in." Graciously, He creates opportunities for us to do these good works and even more astonishingly to me, empowers us with His Holy Spirit to do them.

One thing I've learned in the last few years, is that when people come at me, or plot and scheme, that is my cue from the Holy Spirit to "target" them in prayer. Jesus said to pray seven times to His disciples the night before He died. Scripture says the prayers of the righteous are effective. If you believe in Jesus, you have the righteousness of Jesus accounted to you.

So, even if someone won't listen to you talk about the Gospel, they cannot stop your prayers! Ask the Lord to highlight the people He wants you to concentrate on praying for salvation. I am certain He will point them out to you.

One day we will stand before the Bema Seat of Christ. That is where our lives will be evaluated-not for sin! Our sin has been taken care of! What will be evaluated is how we walked in the good works the Lord prepared for us. Whatever is good will remain and the Lord will reward us accordingly.

Let's seek after being the soul winners the entire body of Christ is called to be! I am certain it's a LOVELY crown which we can lay before the feet of Jesus!

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