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The “Impossible” Verse

I love studying the Bible. I especially get a chuckle when I study a passage that critics have said could never be fulfilled and have been!

It used to be that Revelation 11:9 was used by critics of Scripture to lambast anyone foolish enough to believe the Bible literally. There was no way that the entire world could view the two witnesses lying dead in the street in Jerusalem, nor rising from the dead three and a half days later. Time passed and unimaginable technology made that event completely possible. As often happens, the passage of time does not invalidate Scripture, but rather its critics.

Over and over, throughout history, people who reject God have sought to demolish Scripture. The emperor Diocletian persecuted the early church, killing Christians and issuing an edict to destroy Bibles. He even erected a monument over a destroyed Bible with the words, “The name Christian is extinguished.” After his death, Constantine became emperor, and commissioned fifty copies of the Bible at government expense!

Voltaire was a man of great influence, with a particular hatred for God’s Word. He said, “One hundred years from my day there will not be a Bible in the earth except one that is looked upon by an antiquarian curiosity seeker.” He lived for a time in Geneva, but was run out of town for moral reasons. His house was later bought by the Geneva Bible Society. They used his printing press to print copies of the Bible and stored them in the home. The Bible is still in print today, in fact it is the best selling book in the world!

When people mock me for believing the word of God is infallible, I don’t get flummoxed, because I know that standing on the Word is standing on solid ground. If some part is not clear now, it will be!

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