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A Godless Generation…but God!

It only takes a few minutes of searching any media to see that there is concern about where our culture is headed. There are examples of godlessness where ever we look. From former Disney princesses turned porn star wannabes and politicians who misuse their office for personal gain, to normalizing aberrant lifestyle choices, it seems like every aspect of our society is not just engaging in bad behavior, but promoting it as well. What is evil is called good.

I was listening to a young woman at Bible study yesterday speaking about this very thing. As she talked about her generation, she had tears in her eyes. She apologized for their utter disregard for God and their pursuit of destructive sin. She said she was ashamed to be included with them. She spoke for about five minutes and it became clear that she had no hope.

I agree with her assessment in part, but not the whole. While promoting my writing on various social media, I have had the privilege to meet many young men and women who are living lives dedicated to God. They are serious about following Jesus Christ and living lives to please Him. There are Christians on television with extremely popular shows, like Duck Dynasty and 19 and Counting. I believe their popularity is due to a hunger for the righteousness and wholesome living portrayed on those shows and others like them. There are successful Christians in many areas of our society who are bold about their faith. Just as in the days of Jeremiah, God has kept men and women for Himself in this generation. They have been given the positions of influence they are in for just this time.

We do live in a culture that is spiraling out of control. But to focus our attention only on that fact is to miss the most important one: “but God!” God is Sovereign and not for one second does He give up that authority to mankind. As people that are His, we need to remember that God is at work. We need to remember that our Savior has won the war for this fallen world and that He is coming soon to take His rightful place as its Ruler. Then every nation will be at peace, and their citizens no longer calling good evil, and evil good. It may look grim now, but read the end of the Book!

When you start feeling demoralized by what is going on in our nation, and the world, look up and remember that He who promised is Faithful and True! Remember, “but God!”

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