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Fire & Flood

A Novel

Fire and Flood tells the stories of two young women, one near the beginning of history—at the time of Noahic flood—and one at the end of Earth’s history—at the time of the tribulation of Revelation.

Both women come dramatically to faith in God through the incredible events they encounter. Throughout Fire and Flood, readers marvel at the remarkable similarity between these women’s journeys and their own time in history. As the times women are living in today are equally perilous, with Fire and Flood they will be encouraged by the faithfulness of God to His people.


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Fire & Flood Book Trailer

A great depth of study of the Biblical prophecies is the foundation to the flow of the plot. The characters are emerging and becoming more real. One should definitely read the first book (One Will Be Taken) before delving into the second.

Lucy E.

Praise & Reviews

Dawn Morris could aptly be called a renaissance woman. She served her community as a teacher, owns her own business and is an author whose work is inspired by her own faith journey, all while raising five children.

I loved Dawn's book and read it in two days. It held my attention the entire time.  She has written it with such detail and insight that you really feel as if you are living through the last days.

Martha F.


About Dawn Morris

The first time I understood the Gospel, I was 18. Not many people think of Revelation as being particularly useful in evangelism, but it was for me!  I sat in a church in a small Texas town mesmerized, as the pastor went verse by verse through the fourth chapter of Revelation. Growing up in a more formal, liturgical form of Christianity, I had no idea that the Bible could be so interesting-or that anyone could actually understand that particular book which foretells the future of mankind.

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